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Dedicated attorney provides strong advocacy in family law cases

My firm, Jill Roseland Costen, P.C., represents individuals in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas in family law proceedings. With over 25 years of experience, I know the law and how to protect and defend your interests in family court. My focus is on helping you achieve your goals and supporting you throughout the process. Whether you choose to negotiate or litigate, I will fight for your rights.

Zealous advocate handles child support disputes

In Virginia, child support is calculated using the state’s Child Support Guidelines, which are based on the needs of the child, the income of the parents and the time each parent spends with the child. Whether you are the parent obligated to pay support or the recipient of support, I know the Guidelines well and am also experienced in modifying such orders when circumstances or income levels change and moving to enforce them if a parent fails to pay. 

Lawyer with 25+ years of experience handles property issues in divorce

In a Virginia divorce, marital property and debts are divided equitably, which does not necessarily mean equally, among both parties. In handling the complexities of asset division and debt assignment, it is important to obtain and carefully review all relevant documents and the circumstances relating to the acquisition of the asset or debt and the asset’s management over time. I can help you determine what is considered separate property — property of yours that was obtained before the union — and therefore exempt from the division process.

Compassionate attorney understands child custody and visitation concerns

If divorcing parents cannot resolve custody concerns amicably, the court will determine the appropriate custodial arrangement based on the best interests of the child. An award of legal custody may be sole or joint, with either one parent making decisions with regard to the child or the parents sharing that responsibility. The court will also determine the appropriate parental time-sharing plan. I have crafted parenting plans that meet the specific needs and concerns of families for over 25 years and have also litigated the issues of legal and physical custody when the parties have been unable to reach an agreement.

An attorney who will work to secure your long-term interests in connection with alimony

Alimony is intended to assist the financially dependent spouse upon divorce. An award of alimony includes both the amount and length of time it will be paid and is based, in part, on the age, assets and earning potential of the parties as well as the duration of the marriage. In seeking alimony or arguing against paying it, I will request and review the relevant documents, utilize the services of a forensic accountant when necessary and strive to help you meet your goals.

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