In addition to being a significant change in one's emotional life, divorce has significant financial implications. Every marriage is unique, and separating homes and expenses leaves each spouse at a different level of financial need or obligation. Spousal support and child support are the primary ongoing financial obligations that need to be considered.

Because support obligations can take the form of long-term, recurring payments, they can have a significant effect on your finances for many years into the future. It is important to carefully consider these obligations in settlement or litigation of your case.

Create a New Financial Arrangement, or Modify an Existing One

Spousal and child support payments often need to be reviewed and modified to reflect changing circumstances. A new job, a loss of employment, or the emancipation of a child are a few changes that can be considered as the basis for a review of a support obligation or award. I am able to advise you regarding the legal burden associated with support modifications, whether you are the party seeking the review or the party receiving support.

Navigate Support Issues With an Attorney's Help

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