Marriage is a unique institution that fundamentally intertwines the lives of two people — not just emotionally, but financially. Creating a sustainable, balanced marriage requires planning and decision-making; the same analysis applies to parties contemplating separation or divorce.

Parties can negotiate pre-marital agreements, marital agreements or separation agreements depending upon the phase of their relationship with a significant other. These agreements provide a framework that is anticipated to alleviate disagreements and litigation in the event a marriage dissolves. I will advise you about the contents of an agreement applicable to your situation and goals.

Legal Assistance at Any Step in Your Marriage

I work with clients at various stages of their relationship with a significant other. Depending on your needs, I will assist in drafting any of the following:

  • Prenuptial agreements: For couples anticipating marriage, this type of agreement confirms the expectations of each party to avoid problems in the event of a separation. Marital agreements: Marital agreements are contracts negotiated after parties marry and address financial planning in the event of a divorce. The agreements can cover spousal support obligations and property distribution and address concerns with transfers to children, which is often an issue with second marriages.
  • Separation agreements: For couples who have made the decision to end their marriage, a separation agreement is a method to resolve issues and avoid the emotional and financial burden of a trial.

Work With an Experienced Lawyer to Create the Agreement You Need

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